...the toys you must have...

I will start from the most important item:

  1. Hunting Boots

  2. Gun and Waist Belt

  3. Ammo pouch

  4. Binoculars

  5. Camera

  6. Flashlight

  7. Knife

  8. Small back pack

Let us write about the above toys you will need and use during your BUFFALO Safari.


Walking and stalking, tracking many hours on end will be the norm for a BUFFALO safari. There is good reason why the outfitters insist on a seven day booking for your BUFFALO safari. BUFFALO is hunted from foot, close up and these are the facts, bank it, make peace with it.

A good pair of leather "worn in" hunting boots is the number one item on your list. If you happen to forget your rifle or the airlines miss place your luggage we can replace all items, but definitely not your hunting boots. Walking on rough and sandy terrain in brand new shoes will hurt like nothing else. So wear your hunting boots from the day you decide to go on a BUFFALO safari and wear them during the flight. Don't part with your hunting boots. Blisters are no fun and heal in their own time, normally long after the seven day safari is completed.

Exercise simply by walking and deliberately kneeling and crouching from time to time in your exercise program. Buffalo like to go into really thick bush and you will be required to bend and twist from time to time. When you are going for the final stages of the stalk your adrenalin levels will be high and excitement will not let you feel any discomfort, so don't be too worried about gymnastic exercises during your preparation. Just wear your boots and be comfortable in them.

I wear ROSSI boots! (The real Australian boot.)

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The gun belt must be as wide as what your gear will allow it to be, but never less than 1.5 inches wide. When you embark on the spoor (tracks) off BUFFALO you will take along the basics, and the weight will wear you down quickly if your gun belt is not wide and comfortable. Large caliber rifles are bigger and more bulky than their plains game cousins, simply to absorb the recoil and have enough body to handle the recoil and power of the caliber. All very interesting, but remember you must carry it around for long periods and it is so much easier with a good quality gun belt.

The same applies to your waist belt. Use a good product that is comfortable and remember to check the size. You will be wearing light comfortable clothes in Africa, because it will be hot, and the waist belt will not be worn over thick padded clothing, hence the size issue. As said, you will carry the basics and weight distribution will be a very smart way to accommodate the accessories along your stalk.

My belts are from EL PASO leather works. 25x Years old and not a moment of discomfort or loose stitching. These products work.

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Your professional hunter will insist that you take a few practice shots from the range or hunt smaller game with your rifle just to settle in. Naturally you will have to reload during this process and it is good to have the ammunition readily available, on your right hand and left hand, depending. I like the leather products of El Paso, closed at the bottom ends with the cartridges exposed at the waist belt upper side. The fancy fold up flop down stuff DOES NOT work, trust me!!! The irritation of unfound ammunition has spoiled many hunters dream safari.

You also don't have to look like a machine gun no two. Don't carry more than 10x additional rounds with you, it would be necessary.

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Buy the best you can afford. I mean the very best, do not save on a tool that will last you a lifetime.  During your safari in Africa numerous wonderful opportunities will present them to you. Africa and hunting BUFFALO is like no other experience and using your binoculars will be part of your daily program. BUFFALO like to lay down in the shade and will disappear out of sight surprisingly fast. Good binoculars will make your trip easier and more enjoyable!

My Choice on binoculars;

LEICA 8x42 - Geovid

If you do wear spectacles make sure the binoculars you select can accommodate your eyes. Many clients arrive and cant see a darn thing.

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Digital versus film? Buy a digital, small, compact camera. Don't waste energy and time on researching what camera to purchase. Walk into a convenient store and get yourself  a CANON product. CANON will never let you down - period. I used them for the last 30 years and in digital format ever since available.

The purists will always argue that slides or film is better. I do not want to argue about the fact. However nothing beats a digital when it comes to easy use, simplicity and speed. Choosing a camera is a lot like choosing a caliber or rifle, it is personal. Bring the product you are comfortable with and especially the product you have used before.

Any other brands trying to compete with CANON, send it to me I will test it with pleasure!

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MAGLITE (2x AA size batteries). Anything else ? Email me and I will answer gladly. (Even better post me the product I will test it)

Your outfitter will have plenty of candle power around. Your MAGLITE will be used to find your way around at night to the toilet and must be light weight and small / compact. Remember you will carry it on you, as you never know when and where you might need it. DON'T leave it the vehicle and think you will get it later - sunset will catch up so fast you will be left in the dark.

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A small utility knife is always very handy. I also believe it is a very personal choice. Some people like Mc Gyver tools, other a simple small blade. Once again your professional hunter and his team will have all the knives for the job and you wont have to skin your BUFFALO.

My choice;

I use 2x types all the time. In my pocket a Swiss Army knife - "CAMPING" model, and, on my waist belt a KERSHAW - "3140" model.

Remember to pack your knife away before the airlines impounds it. My mood changes rapidly when I walk up to the bin to dump my pocket knife. To say the least it ticks me off - big time!

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