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Buffalo seem to very tolerant of this little bird called the Oxpecker. Oxpecker's are usually found in flocks and they are a common site on many game species.

I will never forget the sight of Oxpecker's flying up and down making a noise in front of us, only twenty paces away - only to see no buffalo. The cover and thick bush totally blocked our view and after three hours of tracking the buffalo we were right there, very close, too close for comfort and we had to back off and used the wind to position ourselves better. The client was not aware of the dangerous scenario and shook his head violently when my direction changed. Soon he smelled the fresh buffalo dung and saw urine on the sand that had not evaporated.... his head stopped swinging around and I could see my client was paying attention.

Seen here is the Red-billed Oxpecker. Red bill and clear yellow skin (not feathers) around the eyes.

Photo from the internet - owner unknown.


The Egret is also known as the cattle egret. The birds are very often seen in close proximity to domestic animals and wildlife.

The egret is also a non-aquatic bird, but will often be seen in swampy area's. Egrets eat the insects "flushed up" by the legs of the animals in the grass.



Photo from the internet - owner unknown.

The Honeyguide.

No bird story in Africa can be complete without making mention of the Honeyguide!

The fable of the Honeyguide ensuring you a path to delicious honey is as old as the mountains and it is estimated to be recorded since 1785.

I tried to follow a Honeyguide during a safari but was pleasantly interrupted by a very big eland crossing my path. My apologies to the orthinologists but hunting is my passion and the Eland hunt took priority.

Photo from the internet - owner unknown.


There are always splendid views to enjoy during your buffalo safari. Africa plays host to an enormous amount of bird species. Buy yourself a Southern Africa bird guide/booklet and you will be amazed how many birds are instantly recognizable. No bird is totally and utterly unique to buffalo or the presence of buffalo, but birds like Oxpecker's will give you a sign of their presence. During a long stalk, you will find it useful to pay attention to the birds in the area and keep your mind focused.

The interesting stories and different information on the birds allows for a birding safari into itself and many guides package tailor made bird safaris.

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