Bullets for your BUFFALO Safari

My Choice:

DZOMBO Bullets

More African Classics from the best in the World!



picture from HORNADY internet domain

I started using HORNADY in 1980, and up to this day I am still happy and satisfied. Numerous larger plains game species and buffalo as well as elephant was hunted with the Hornady bullets. Hornady was always available in Africa and very reasonable priced for an imported product. The internet domain is user friendly and all your ammunition and reloading products are available online. Emails are answered promptly and accurately - that is called SERVICE!

Hornady is also manufacturing a lot of golden oldies, like the 450 NE 3.25'' shown above. Double Rifles like Heym also uses HORNADY as there regulation ammunition and that in itself says a lot:



My very first large caliber rifle was a 9.3x62mm and I chose to shoot Norma ammunition. The fact that the ammunition was available in a small town in Africa says it all! Needless to add that the NORMA ammunition performed brilliant. At the time I did not have many opportunity on BUFFALO but did take large Eland trophies and numerous other plains game animals without problems.

Norma manufactures ammunition in all the popular large calibers.



Barnes X is always a good choice! The Barnes X bullets perform excellent and I personally saw many of my client take trophies with a BARNES X. The bullet expansion and weight retention is unbelievable.


Picture from Barnes Bullets Internet domain.


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