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African Classics


Good quality bullets weighing in at 400 grains and above travelling at 2150 fps will do the job just fine. Provided you are comfortable with the recoil shoot as heavy and as larger caliber as possible. Combine the above with a rifle of the same superb quality and you have a winner. Do not worry about super velocities of above 2400 fps, it is not only a waste of time but also a waste of comfortable shooting time. The recoil from a super velocity caliber and heavy bullet does have a price in the form of recoil, and even more important many articles has been written about bullets not performing at these high velocities.


There will always be campfire debate about what constitutes a true African Classic rifle and caliber. I enjoy bolt action rifles but will also spend a lot of money on Double rifles. When you are up and very close a double will have a distinct advantage on the second shot, a bolt action, in the hands of a very accomplished professional hunter, will simple not cycle fast enough to be compared to the second barrel of the Double being readily available.

It is also a myth that Doubles can not be equipped with telescopes. It is simply not true. Ask your dealer about a scope for your Double and in most cases you will be able to get ready made mounts for your Double.

Doubles are regulated and the hunter must be experienced in shooting at different distances. The regulation will normally specify the brand, type and bullet weight of the ammunition used in the regulation. The Double is built in such a way that the regulation of the barrels are required to shoot a grouping at a certain distance.

Rigby Rifles

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Most of us will hear the caliber in a conversation long before the rifle make is mentioned. Professional hunters often refer to "...my 470..." and never even mention the brand name of the rifle in the same sentence. In a few cases I asked specifically what rifles the caliber is chambered in and with no surprise the hunters had to think a moment before the answer was given, more than once the wrong answer is also given.

There is a range of calibers that no person will argue about in the African Classic group. Let me name some in no specific order:

Rimless - (mainly Bolt Action calibers).

9.3x62, 375 H&H, 404 Jeffrey, 416 Rigby, 450 Rigby, 458 Win Mag, 458 Lott, 500 Jeffrey, 505 Gibbs.

Both rimless and rimmed / flanged calibers are chambered in Double and Bolt Action rifles. The .375 and 458's are good examples of  calibers available from most of the Double manufacturers as well as Bolt Action manufacturers.

There are many calibers worth mentioning in this category, and no caliber is intentionally left out of my list above. Remember that I want to write about "off the shelve products"! The availability of a product cannot be guaranteed at any time, especially, in southern areas of Africa. The calibers mentioned above will be found in the recent 2007/2008 catalogues of Hornady and Norma and some other top brand names.

Rimmed / Flanged calibers - (mainly Double rifles).

Very popular rimmed / flanged calibers:

9.3x74R, 375 Flanged, 450 NE 3, 470 NE, 500/416, 500 NE, too mention a few. No caliber is left out for a specific reason.

The rimmed / flanged calibers have a special and almost mystical appeal to many. These calibers are developed for use mainly in Double rifles. As mentioned above rimmed / flanged calibers are also chambered in bolt action rifles. However due to cartridge length some flanged calibers are not made for bolt action, simply because the magazine box and bolt will not accommodate the length of the cartridge. There are ultra magnum actions on the market will accommodate 3'' brass cases, but this is certainly not standard issue of the shelf. The most limiting factor in a box magazine is the flanged brass cases do not feed smoothly.

Naturally a range of smaller flanged calibers are also made in DOUBLE rifles, but for the intention of your BUFFALO Safari they will not be practical to mention here. By no means is this the end of the list. I chose to mention these because they are readily available by Norma and Hornady. (2008 catalogues).

Individual calibers often heard off

... more on this topic will follow soon!


Bertram Brass cases are made in most calibers. Contact me for and I will try to assist you. Brass cases are normally not a limitation when you choose your BUFFALO safari rifle. Unless a real new wildcat is developed you should be able to purchase the brass cases you require.

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