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Few of us can afford not to ask what the price of a safari will be. That privilege will remain for the few and far between only. It is always very unfair to do a price comparison of any commodity when you do not compare apples with apples. Southern Africa provides for great safari area's and the Serengeti's and Selous will always be the desire of many a safari client. The reality is otherwise and let us focus on what we can do!

I always warn about the hidden costs of a product and will explain in the following paragraph.

1 x 1 Daily rates vary tremendously from country to country, all quoted in United States Dollars and sometimes in Euros, it may be U$D 2,300-00 per day in Tanzania and only U$D 750-00 per day in South Africa. But read the fine print; in Tanzania the safari will be stipulated as a minimum 14x or 21x day safari, will in South Africa you may be able to do it in 7x days. On daily rates alone this will make a difference off U$D 26,950-00 for the 14x day option and U$D 43,050-00 for the 21x day option in Tanzania vs. South Africa. If you simple work on safari days then the same 14x day option in Tanzania will buy you 42x safari days in South Africa and 64x days on the 21x day option!

Furthermore I took several brochures and looked at the "excluding" lines of these brochures. Let us take a look:

I can not help to ask how much of all these fees actually reach the people on the ground or the "special projects" it is charged for? Hunting in a big area teaming with wildlife is a privilege coming at a very high price these days. I truly believe it is not doing justice to the wildlife and these additional charges feed the pockets of many corrupt individuals.

Hunting 2x clients with 1x professional hunter is cheaper normally and it is also great fun to do it with a friend at your side. I enjoy it and many clients do it this way, not purely to safe costs but to enjoy the experience with a friend.

Always ensure that you sign a remuneration agreement with the professional hunter and make sure what the full quote for the safari will be! Who must receive what money at what time in what currency. Do not get stuck at the airport customs office without the correct currency and find yourself paying all fees in US dollars on a one to one exchange rate. Plan correctly and safe yourself a lot of aggravation. Remember your transfer operator might be a hired charter flight or driver and the professional hunter you communicated with is in the outback far out of reach of a telephone.

Once again the rates vary dramatically from country to country. The reverse of the daily rate scenario can be seen, in Botswana the trophy bull will be in the region of U$D 5,500-00 but in South Africa U$D 11,000-00. It is also important to note that the second buffalo might be more expensive than the first buffalo in certain places, and, the 14x days will increase immediately to 21x days and therefore your safari will be much more expensive than originally planned.

Many clients immediately asks what happens if the BUFFALO is hunted on day two of the safari. There is no rule cast in stone on this one. I know of professional hunters that allows the daily rates to revert back to plains game rates for the rest of the time the client is on safari, but I also know of professional hunters refusing bluntly to change the rates at all. Discuss this possibility with your outfitter before you arrive for the safari, in fact before you pay a deposit for the safari.

A well planned safari is a successful safari. If you do not plan and make sure of the bottom line you are indeed planning to fail.

Choose a outfitter who you are comfortable with and acquire all the necessary documentation before your departure for the safari.

Form the above paragraphs it is clear that there are variations in the costs of safaris, I suggest that you take a good look at the whole package all included and then decide where you want to go. Less expensive is not always worse quality.

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