GREAT names in history

In any study of a specie you will always come across legends, great names, historians who we simply can not forget. Never more true than in the BUFFALO Safari world. Every gun maker, caliber designer in the world has one outstanding desire and that is too test his product against the big five in Africa. As said before it is the Cape BUFFALO that is hunted the most of the big five, the most sought after trophy on safari.

Too mention the great names will also immediately bring back the campfire debate about "...ideal safari conditions , and what calibers to use..." It is not the intention at all, I will tell a few stories about the men and woman who glorified the African Safari and what calibers and rifles they used at the time to go on safari with. One aspect is for sure, these hunters and conservationists all loved to hunt buffalo, and, wrote books or short stories about the BUFFALO safaris they enjoyed so much.

In no specific order:

  1. W.D.M. Bell.

  2. Robert Ruark.

  3. Frank C Barnes.

  4. Craig Boddington.

  5. Kevin Robertson.

  6. Terry Wieland.

  7. Jeffery

  8. John Rigby

  9. Prof Koos Badenhorst


W.D.M. Bell.

Better known as "Karamojo Bell". This is the man reported to successfully harvested more than 1000x (one thousand) elephant in his day! Bell used a 7x57mm Mauser for most of his hunting, and BUFFALO was surely on his list.

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Robert Ruark




Robert Ruark's words on the Cape BUFFALO is legendary. "He looks at you as if you own him money" and many other phrases are used long after Robert Ruark's death. He described the BUFFALO safari in such a way that you can feel the hunters emotions and feelings during the safari.





Use Enough Gun (1966), a collection of Ruark's writings about hunting published posthumously, (Ruark died in 1965).

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Frank C. Barnes

Frank C. Barnes is the author of the book Cartridges of the World. His knowledge and portrayal of calibers surely influences hunters and shooters from all over the world.

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Craig Boddington

Craig Boddington must be one of the best known writers of current times (2008). His books and DVD's are seen on all major stores. Boddington wrote about the Cape BUFFALO and this book provides for interesting reading material. Even if we disagree with him he surely provides enough food for thought.

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Kevin Robertson


If there is one writer that must be mentioned for his contribution to the safari industry it must be "Doctari - Kevin Robertson". The "Perfect Shot" compact edition is a little book that must be read by every single hunter in this world, especially those hunters intending to undertake an African safari. There is no better visual / schematic diagram of the anatomy of  African species readily available on the market. Shot placement is vital in any safari and Doctari ensures that we have a mental picture of what is happening when we hunt. "Africa's Most Dangerous" is a book on Cape BUFFALO and provides for all aspects of the BUFFALO safari. Read it before and during your safari - you will not regret it.


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Terry Wieland

The book Dangerous-Game Rifles by Terry Wieland provides for excellent reading material. A must read before your safari to hunt Cape BUFFALO.

ISBN: 0-89272-691-1

The second edition of this book is also available now:

ISBN: 978-0-89272-807-7

December 2009

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.404 Jeffery is more widely used by Parks Officials and Game Wardens in Africa than most other calibers. It is known for reliability on Africa's dangerous game. The .500 Jeffrey inspired many professional hunters to have the "ultimate" backup working caliber.

Read more about Jeffery and the latter years of the company with Paul Roberts. This page is listed under African Classics on the menu.(Jeffery page)

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John Rigby

Johan Rigby developed more African Classis calibers than any other person in history. It is true that authors like Robert Ruark made Rigby's calibers more famous and well known than others but give credit to John Rigby for his contribution. From small and medium calibers up to the big bores John Rigby had a major influence. Who will dispute the .416 Rigby's romantic aura as an African Classic? The .450 N.E. (3.25'') is still after a 100x years an sought after caliber in the best of Double Barrel custom made rifles.

Read more about Rigby and the history of Rigby at our African Classics link on the menu. (Rigby page)

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Prof Koos Badenhorst

Take a moment and visit the .458 Express domain at www.458express.com the story of a man who developed a caliber that compares with the best. The 458 Express is one of those calibers that will change the safari industry forever. Prof Koos Badenhorst saw the shortfalls of the 458 Winchester Magnum and the 458 Lott and developed the 458 Express from there! The results was brilliant and more energy with less recoil is generated. He also personally developed the loads with South African propellants available and some very interesting data is available on the www.458express.com domain.

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