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Planning your BUFFALO safari

At this stage your blood is starting to warm and you know that the calling to go and hunt BUFFALO is so strong you simple have to answer to that little voice. Hopefully this domain will be able to assist you in making the correct choice.


Selecting an outfitter that you like, and, have good communication with. There are numerous outfitters out there presenting BUFFALO safaris and it is important to have fun during your safari, because, your BUFFALO safari will be the most memorable experience of a lifetime! So choose wisely and do research before spending your money.


Cape BUFFALO or "southern" BUFFALO are hunted in Africa's southern parts. Countries from South Africa up to Tanzania offer brilliant buffalo. There might be regional differences to the same species but these differences will be marginal and very small. In temperament and toughness BUFFALO found in any of these countries will ensure a fantastic time - always, that is a guarantee. It would not be fear to single out one country above the other. Logistically South Africa is far superior to any of its neighbors in Southern Africa. The vast open plains of Tanzania is a luxury that is not easily found elsewhere.


My choice will be dictated by the area more than any other criteria. Botswana with the Okavango Swamps have an very special atmosphere, and will always remain the most sought after venue in the world. Well known outfitters operate in the area and you will receive your moneys worth when a safari is booked with these long time operating companies. Contact us and we will put you on the right track.

Hunting the Selous areas in Tanzania is a dream for many a hunter. The safari areas in Tanzania are divided into blocks and leased out to different outfitters. The big five with good BUFFALO can be found in many of the blocks in Tanzania. Ensure that you are talking to old-timers and select an well known outfitter for your Tanzanian BUFFALO safari.

Internet domains

The internet provides for a excellent search on many BUFFALO safari and tour operators. I will constantly search and test the internet for good reference material. It is highly frustrating to search for a trip of a life time only to get send in circles with very little substantial information. Many emails are send and hardly ever you will receive a reply on your enquiry. As said a will test and try out some and post my answers here.

Immediate responses was received from www.rannsafaris.com



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