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Cape Buffalo is the one specie that makes for excellent reading material. Read up on your favorite specie and you will ensure that very moment of your own experience is even more memorable. Long after the return of your BUFFALO safari you will remember and reflect on your experience when reading about others expressing themselves.

1. Reloading / Bullets / Calibers

Cartridges of the World.

This is the one book any reloader and hunter alike simply cannot ignore. It is packed with the latest information on all cartridges and many brand names in the industry. I use my Cartridges of the World all the time and it is accurate and easy to read. Don't go without it.

2. Rifles and rifle types

Africa's Most Dangerous - K Robertson


I read the book and must say it is worth it. From the early stages of planning your trip right up to the end it is packed with information and brilliant pictures. The author is known for other work and there is NO better reference material on shot placement available on the market. If you disagree post me the material and I will gladly read it and refer to it.

Buffalo! - C Boddington

The book makes for good reading material and can be read before and after BUFFALO safari. I enjoyed it and learned from it. The author is well known and produced very interesting reading material on safaris in Africa.


Terry Wieland

Dangerous Game rifles (First and Second Edition)


Terry Wieland writes about the cartridges and rifles in such a way that you cannot put the book down. I read the first edition and will read the second edition soon. Rifles and cartridges are explained. The author has Africa experience and the books are absolutely worth it. For the African Big Five and BUFFALO safaris these are a must read. Terry Wieland writes numerous articles, for example the Safari Club International Magazine and Safari News also from Safari Club International.

Take a moment and visit the domain of Terry Wieland at www.terrywieland.com


3. Veterinarian input on clean BUFFALO.

Clean Buffalo Breeding - Dr J.G. du Toit.

His work is highly recommended.



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