Rifles for your BUFFALO Safari

My Choice:

Ruger in single shot, Truvelo or CZ in bolt action, Heym in double.

1. Ruger

I like Ruger rifles and can testify that they are hard working, extremely reliable firearms! Ruger rifles are not only good looking but very affordable to. Standard off the shelve models will silence even the jealous critic. The Ruger No 1 single shot is a classic that I would like to take on safari any time. The simplicity and reliability is great. The Ruger Safari bolt action rifles are available in all the larger calibers you will ever need. The actions are smooth and the extractors work well.

Picture form Internet - Ruger website.

450/400 3inch NITRO EXPRESS  from HORNADY

caliber choice of the Ruger No1, Single Action as from the internet at ruger.com

Ruger builds excellent bolt actions and shotguns, there online enquiries are met with enthusiasm and speedy answers. Service of note.


2. a) Truvelo

Truvelo Armoury is know world wide for their brilliant sniper rifles. This same military precision is available in classic rifles made to the highest standard. off the shelve models and a custom shop is located under one roof. Truvelo manufacture barrels, stocks in both aircraft aluminum for the sniper rifles as well as traditional wood on the classic rifles.

After successful negotiations Truvelo agreed to manufacture two rifles in the .458 Express caliber designed by Professor Koos Badenhorst off South Africa. www.458express.com   The first model will be a synthetic stock "working field rifle" and the second rifle will be targeted at the connoisseur requiring a traditional wood stock with all the classic trimmings on it! More news on this development shortly.

2.b) CZ

The testing ground for any product in the world is Africa! Trust me the abuse and harsh working environment can simply not be duplicated anywhere else in the world. Add a little bit of local flavor and culture to this and even stubborn old school militants start to bite their teeth.

With all of the above said, CZ is capable of staying in front, working and never die. Long gone are the days where even American hunters would frown upon CZ rifles. They are made good tough and a feast for the eyes, in many "Africa classic" calibers, like the 404 Jeffrey and 505 Gibbs.

Take a look at the CZ 550 Safari - Classic and Safari - Magnum rifles, you will not regret it. your curiosity will be satisfied with rifle the has worked more than many other in Africa!

Picture form Internet - CZ website.

Safari Magnum calibers: 375 H&H, 416 Rigby, 458 Win Mag, 458 Lott

Safari Classics calibers: 404 Jeffrey, 450 Rigby, 500 Jeffrey, 505 Gibbs.

(.450 Rigby Rimless is a 416 Rigby case with an opened neck to accept .458 inch caliber bullets)

3. Heym

A client of mine used a 7x57mm and 375 H&H HEYM rifle. The Heym rifles immediately caught my eyes and I had the opportunity to ask many questions since then about the HEYM range of products. HEYM rifles are simply fantastic.

My choice for a DOUBLE is the HEYM PH Model. It is a workhorse of note, little thrills and spills, reliable and will ensure a good BUFFALO safari. The HEYM range of doubles are available in most calibers and easy selection can be made without going to the custom shop!

Picture form Internet - Heym website.

Available Calibers
300 Win Mag
375 H&H Belted or Flanged
416 Rigby
416/500 N.E.
450/400 3" N.E.*
458 Win Mag
450 N.E.*
470 N.E.
500 N.E.
20 Gauge
*Regulated with HORNADY Ammunition

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