When selecting you scope take the following into consideration, caliber and terrain. The golden rule once again is simply to be comfortable with your equipment and be in a position to utilize the telescope fast and accurate.

The following table will show some good choices. The lower magnifications being ideal for hunting big game in thick bush and the larger magnifications are obviously for varmint shooting at long distances. (It is not my idea to limit the range of choices available to the hunter).

For shooters with glasses the longer eye relief telescopes are always a better choice. (The eye relief is the distance from your eyes to the telescope). It is also wise to buy the telescope and scope mounts, rings and bases at the same time. If possible always take your rifle with you to the supplier in order to fit the telescope. Telescopes with larger objective lenses, 40mm and larger will normally require higher mounts to clear the barrel. Compact scopes look very nice but test the size of the rifle's action first to ensure that the telescope tube will ensure the rings good positioning.

Variable Powered Scopes.

  Magnification Model Brand name
1 1.25-4x24 IR Trijicon
2 1.25-4x24 LX2 iR Lynx (South Africa)
3 1.4-4x24 Zenith Scmidt & Bender
4 1.5-5x32 LX2 Lynx (South Africa)
5 1.7-10x42 Z6 Swarovski
6 1.8-5.5x32 Z-Plex Zeiss
1 2-7x32 Rifleman Leupold
2 2-10x38 LX Lynx (South Africa)
3 2-12x50 Z6 Swarovski
4 2.5-8x32 Z-Plex Zeiss
5 2.5-10x56 IR Lynx (South Africa)
6 2.5-10x56 Z6 Swarovski
1 3-9x38 LX Lynx (South Africa)
2 3-9x40 Z-Plex Zeiss
3 3-9x40 Rifleman Leupold
4 3-9x40 VX1 Leupold
5 3-9x40 VX2 Leupold
6 3-9x50 Z-Plex Zeiss
7 3-9x50 Rifleman Leupold
8 3-9x50 VX1 Leupold
9 3-9x50 VX2 Leupold
10 3-10x40 LX Lynx (South Africa)
11 3-10x42 AV Swarovski
12 3.5-10x44 Z-Plex Zeiss
13 3.5-10x50 Z-Plex Zeiss
25 4-12x40 Rifleman Leupold
26 4-12x40 VX1 Leupold
27 4-12x40 VX2 Leupold
28 4-12x50 Z6 Swarovski
29 4-12x50 AV Swarovski
30 4-16x42 LX Lynx (South Africa)
31 4-16x50 TDS Swarovski
32 4.5-14x40 LX Lynx (South Africa)
33 4.5-14x44 Z PLEX Zeiss
34 4.5-14X50 M DOT Zeiss
35 6-18x40 VX2 Leupold
36 6-18x50 AV Swarovski
37 6-24x42 LX Lynx (South Africa)
38 6-24x50 TDS Swarovski
39 6.5-20X50 M DOT Zeiss

* Please do check the meaning and description of relevant "model" names with every supplier!

** In "general" the model name "IR" means Illuminated Reticule.  (No rules exit for model names).

*** No brand name is left out for a specific reason and some more scopes will be added in due time.

**** The above selection is mainly the variable sizes, fixed power like the ever popular 4x32 Compact and 4x40's will never be forgotton.

Most of the suppliers ensure very good serviceability, certainly the brand names mentioned above are known for their quality service. Take into account when you are based in South Africa that some of the telescope supplier do repairs at the factories were the products are built, so a long delay might be on the table when you have to send your telescope away for repairs. Except for the brand "Lynx" the rest of the products mentioned above are all manufactured abroad in the Unites States or Europe.

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