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The "Battle in Kruger"  video depicts a young BUFFALO calf caught by lion, snapped at the leg by a crocodile and then saved by the BUFFALO herd.

The lion chases a calf close to a waterhole, as the lion tackles the calf it falls in the water a other lion also jump to ensure the capture is executed with precision. However, a crocodile also wants part of the action and grabs the calves leg and a tug of war develops. The lions win this part, only to find that the BUFFALO herd returned to save the calf.

One by one the lion is chased of by the BUFFALO, and a lion is also thrown in mid air by a very irritated bull. In no time the calf raises to its feet and is backed by a adult buffalo to join the herd. It is not visible how many injuries the calf sustained, but commentary by Dr. Roy Bengis on the National Geographic Broadcast is that of a fifty percent chance of survival. The mere fact that the calf survived up to that part of the video is truly remarkable.

After the calf joined the herd the buffalo chase all the remaining lion away. It shows the strength of a BUFFALO calf, the passion and unified strength of a herd. The embedded hatred of BUFFALO towards lion is seen clearly. The inborn instinct to fight and survive is lived every second of the video clip.

Many outfitters show videos of their Buffalo safaris. Most video clips are recorded on DVD format and can be ordered online and even downloaded direct.

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