Why this e-book?

Some of the reasons why I choose to start writing about BUFFALO.

It is never a single a event but rather a chain of experiences that makes a person realize he or she is totally overwhelmed by a certain animal specie. Dog lovers could never pinpoint and tell me exactly what it makes them love the specific dog breed or single dog so much. The same conduct would easily be found in bird lovers and so we can carry on and on. Very early on in my life, when I was still in school, I decided that I would love to own a lot of buffalo, without specific reason at the time. The buffalo "bug" bit me, right there where it is necessary to be bitten, and, the bite would stay with me for the rest of my life.

The format / medium of an e-book is off course far less expensive than a printed book. Updates and corrections can be made daily, if compared with a printed book, you simply can not re-print a book because of an small mistake. Mistakes caused by the printer devil will always creep in no matter how many times you proof read your book. Small mistakes can also be costly and a part of your audience will not bye a book because of a single mistake in that book. As for the e-book on the other hand, I could correct mistakes fast, not expensive as I go along with my script.

It is a wonderful experience to share a story. Writers write because they have a passion to share their experience with others. Unfortunately it is a very costly exercise and books must be sold to recover costs, but the principle of sharing is always preset. A professor told me "...only when information is shared and distributed it becomes knowledge.."

What is absolutely amazing about the e-book concept is the emails you receive from places and people never even considered to be interested parties. With the internet and the e-book to our disposal the population of the world is literally your audience. Now with this technology more people can be reached than ever before on the history of literature.

I enjoy ever minute of writing. Cross referencing and reading up on articles help broaden your knowledge many aspects never known to me are suddenly seen in reference papers and materials. It is never too late to learn and only a wise man will learn more, the rest will always stay behind.

Wildlife is very dynamic and research never stops. Man learned from nature the most advanced technological concepts and it took many hours in laboratories to create simply structures seen in nature all the time. Writing a book takes you a step further in research and learning. It is not necessary to be a researcher but the learning part will be part of the wonderful experience. Naturally there will always be writers presenting facts in their own way, and, there will always be  a place for fiction.

It is great fun and very rewarding to write. I truly enjoy every minute of it. If it would eventually go to "print" and do not know. It is certainly not a priority for me at this moment in time to print this e-book on BUFFALO.

When I decided to write a book I never thought how much work and time it would take. It is far easier to sit and watch TV and ponder on your favorite subject. The fear of who will criticize of pass comment circles in you head a million times during your first notes. Once you pass these fears it is a matter of sitting down and starting to write, and, believe me it takes guts. Fiction and stories might "flow" out of the pen of a professional, but it is certainly not the case for all of us.

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